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The challenge

Metal products are produced, shipped and processed as part of complex, global supply chains.

Until today it has not been possible to accurately track life-cycle data for individual lots as raw material is transformed into the final part.


Our Solution

Our cloud based technology enables metal processors to seamlessly link raw material properties to individual coils, sheets & parts at each intermediate process step.

Using our cloud-service unique marking codes are generated & tracked. The marking code can be printed onto each coil or part as the original production lot is divided during processing. Barcode marking does not work because the
code becomes illegible if cut.

Raw material producers can use our services to gain unprecedented tracking capabilities for their own production steps, This will provide valuable insights for customers into the detailed production history of each delivered lot. Using our unique codes & our cloud based services, customers are able to link individual parts to relevant material documents such as mill test certificates & conformance certificates, eliminating the risk of counterfeiting & supporting full traceability for quality assurance.

Our Services

Services based on patented technology

▬ Generation of unique track codes
▬ Vault for product and position related data
▬ Search engine for individual item/ code data
▬ Free anti-counterfeiting App.
▬ Secure web-services for all functions
▬ Consulting services for application of coilDNA technology
▬ Consulting services for Integration of coilDNA into industry-leading MES Software

What we offer

IoT – the Internet of Things is the technology that joins physical items to data. IoT gives users the ability to receive or request data from physical devices.
Our technology and services enable producers and processors to access data for each part to create 

IoM – Internet of Metals

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